Defining The Next Decade

Defining The Next Decade is a conversational series and project started by the Los Angeles hub and now lead by Global Shapers around the world. We’re sharing the stories and ideas of individuals who are making a difference in their communities. By establishing conversations with those who are already creating change, we're leveraging communities to make the exponential impact.

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Los Angeles is facing a significant and complex housing crisis. One is immediately struck by the degree of homelessness on the streets of the city, however, it’s also occurring in less visible spaces.


Governing By Design

Can governments be more effective and innovative, responding rapidly to the needs of their constituents? We'll discuss how technology and be leveraged to make governing more effective.


Gender Equality

Our distinguished speakers share experiences and insights in a panel followed by a moderated discussion touching on different expressions of gender bias and successful strategies to achieve equality.



A discussion with Bryan Johnson CEO of Kernel on impacting the future of Los Angeles and our world. We'll cover include futurism, artificial intelligence, cognitive enhancements, singularity and more.